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The project « PRO-EU »was funded with the support of the European Union under the Programme "Europe for Citizens"



Applicable to the Strand 2 – Measure 2.1"Town-Twinning”


Participation: The project involved 130citizens, notably 20 participantsfromthe city ofFarkaslaka/Lupeni (Romania),17participants from the cityof Cieszanów(Poland), 19 participants from the city of Ajak (Hungary),and 74 participants from the city of Aheloy (Bulgaria).

Location/ Dates: The event took place inAheloy (Bulgaria), from15/09/2019to 19/09/2019

Short description:


The dayof 15/09/2019  was dedicated to

A group of foreign guests (3 persons) arrived from Hungary. Program preparation meeting with the hosts.


The dayof  16/09/2019  was dedicated to

8.30- 11.00 Attendance at the solemn opening ceremony of Hristo Botev Elementary School in Aheloy. Discussion and exchange of views on the impact of EU programs and integration processes in Eastern European countries with the participation of Mayor of Aheloy, Deputy Mayor of Pomorie Municipality, Heads of the School and the Kindergarten, members of the foreign guest delegation.

During the day, delegations from the towns of Ajak, Cieszanów and Farkaslaka/Lupeni arrived, hosted by the host, to stay at the Marina Cape Resort.


The day of  17/09/2019    was dedicated to

9.00-11.00:Conference on current EU issues. Trends and prospects for youth in Eastern European partner countries. Current issues as regards the life of young Bulgarian people in the EU. Situation following the 2019 EU Parliamentary elections. Positive thinking of young people and Euroscepticism. Conversation with participants. (English-Bulgarian-Polish-Hungarian translation for each group.) Lecturers: MP Asya Peeva - Member of the Committee on Education and Culture in the National Assembly, MP Galya Zhelyazkova - Member of the Commission for Youth and Sport in the National Assembly, Yancho Iliev - Deputy Mayor of Pomorie Municipality, Ivan Georgiev - Mayor of Aheloy, Lehel Kovacs - Mayor of Farkaslaka/Lupeni.

11.00 Group participation in the ‘grubbing-up’ ceremony to launch a new building section of the local 'Temenuga' Nursery, welcoming speeches from superiors.

Afternoon: Mutual introduction and joint exchange of experiences of local and foreign young people on European issues affecting young people. Young people from the participating municipalities and their accompanying teachers presented their views. Distribution of the meeting's t-shirt and project folder to all participants.

Optional program: Visiting Aheloy Beach.

Evening: Communal dinner followed by a cultural program: the Aheloy school and young girls from the city of Ajak presented their pom-pom costume dance; a joint music program, conversations.


The dayof  18/09/2019  was dedicated to

9.00-12.00Workshop: Open-stage program for young lecturers led by a moderator (Miklós Marián, Hungary). Presentation of prepared thematic materials: presentation and evaluation of answers to defined questions. Topics: EU achievements to date; lessons from history; arguments and actions to strengthen European consciousness; benefits of the EU; the challenge of Euroscepticism; development of a democratic Union. Presentation of visual demonstration assemblies (ppt) on the aims and ideas of young people in each city. Development of a joint resolution (Memorandum) entitled ’A Europe of young people’'. Theme leaders: Zsuzsanna Ragány teacher (Ajak), Anna Pajaczkowska teacher (Cieszanow), Bertalan Csaba project manager (Farkaslaka/Lupeni), Ivan Georgiev jun. (Aheloy). Supervisors: Mayor Ivan Georgiev (Aheloy) and Mayor Lehel Kovács (Farkaslaka/Lupeni).

14.00-18.00 Group trip to UNESCO World Heritage Site Nessebar. Visiting the tourist attractions of the region with a tour guide.

Common evening program at Marina Cape. Handing over gifts to the delegations.


The day of  19/09/2019    was dedicated to

Closing Discussions: Reviewing and summarizing the results of the meeting as part of a shared breakfast.

Discussions about partnerships, planning further partnership and project collaborations.

Delegations return home.







Issued by the young participants of the Project PRO-EU

‘Prospects of young people in Europe after the EU-election 2019: positive thinking and debate about Euroscepticism’

(Decision Nr 2019 - 1435 / 001 – 001)

Europe for Citizens/Town Twinning Programme Aheloy, Bulgaria, 16-19 September 2019



The young participants of the Project PRO-EU concluded the following statements and policies as desirable for building a Europe of young people:


  • The European culture and its diversity as well as the national identities must be maintained
  • Possibilities for studying and working in the whole territory of the EU without inside border need to be ensured
  • We want Europe which empowers its citizens
  • The power possessed by the young people means the real power for the future of Europe
  • We ask the questions, not only what Europe can do for us, but what we can do for Europe
  • We want supports for the youth entrepreneurship, as the main driver for innovations and economic development
  • The administrative measurements relating to health services, education, employment, travelling and similar ones relating to the standard life need to be maintained and developed further
  • The territory of the EU need to be kept peaceful and secure for the safe of the next generation
  • We want independent Europe as much as possible
  • EU must support its citizens as much as possible as regards their family life and children programs so that the decline of the population be hindered
  • Efforts need to be made for creating a cleaner, greener and sustainable environment
  • The innovative capability of the EU need to be developed and should be competitive worldwide
  • The financial capacity of the EU must be used with large efficiency for the general development of this area
  • The experiences of the countries need to be exchanged and shared
  • Less developed countries need help to reach the level of the more developed members
  • The unique capabilities and advantages of the less developed countries should obtain support in order to reach the market of the more developed countries
  • The co-operation of the Eastern countries –like Visegrad Group- should be recognised and their activities need more attention
  • We should stay united, keep freedom and democracy for ensuring a better life for the new generations
  • We accept the slogan: ‘If not united, then remains alone’


Prepared by the young participants of the following partner cities:

    Aheloy (Bulgaria)    Ajak (Hungary)

    Cieszanów (Poland)

    Farkaslaka/Lupeni (Romania)